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A Short Film

Written & Directed by John Canfield

   A girl in high school receives a heart transplant, and she starts to take on the darkest qualities of her donor.


20 Minutes, 21 Seconds


Drama, Thriller, Horror


5 out of 6 speaking roles are women


A crew of just 6 people


4k resolution, 5.1 audio

Latest News

California Premiere

By Film Festivals

Cardiac Hill is an Official Selection of the 2023 Catalina Film Festival! We’ll have our California premiere in Long Beach on Thursday, September 21, with additional events to continue through the weekend on Catalina Island.

Our screening block, “Over Your Dead Body”, kicks off at 3pm PDT, and we’re up for the Wes Craven Horror/Thriller award. More info can be found at

We’re so honored and excited – hope to see you there!

World Premiere

By Film Festivals

We’re thrilled to announce that Cardiac Hill is an official selection for the 2023 Arizona International Film Festival! Given its the setting for our story, there’s no better city than Tucson to host our world premiere.

Our screening date is Friday, April 21, 10pm @ The Screening Room, in the “Dramatic Shorts 1” block of films.

The full festival runs from April 19 through the 30, and you can learn more at

Congrats to the whole team!

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